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Read ACEP's Blog - Lessons Learned from Cordova

Read Alaska Center for Energy and Power's blog:

This July, Alaska Microgrid Group’s executive director Peter Asmus and board member Clay Koplin attended the Isolated Isolated Power Systems (IPS) Connect conference in Cordova, Alaska.

Photo courtesy of ACEP

Asmus and Koplin wrote, “attendees learned about the leading role Alaska plays in the U.S. microgrid market, and how many installed systems in the state are proven and exemplary models for more sustainable and resilient energy systems worldwide.

Alaska has more microgrid capacity than any other state in the U.S., and Cordova - a southeast coastal community of 2,600 people isolated from traditional power grids and road systems - is a shining example of the innovation taking place with isolated power systems in the 49th state.”

To read about the rest of Amsus and Koplin’s time at IPS and Cordova’s microgrid history, visit the full blog post on the ACEP website:


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