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Local Know-how. Global Solutions.


"Alaska has the world’s greatest concentration of experience and expertise for integrating renewable and conventional power in hybrid systems."

— Peter Lilienthal, Global Microgrid Lead at HOMER Energy by UL

Alaska is a global leader in microgrid technology with:​

  • 15% of microgrids worldwide with grid-scale levels of renewable generation.

  • The largest number of established renewable-hybrid microgrids in the United States, including close to 50% of U.S. installed capacity.

  • More than 200 islanded diesel-powered microgrids, ranging from 100kW to 5MW, with more than 70 that have integrated local renewable energy resources into the existing diesel system.

  • Over four million operating hours integrating grid-scale renewables on islanded microgrids.


Microgrids are critically relevant to both grid-connected and isolated regions because:

  • The need for greater grid reliability across the developed world, including the continental U.S., is increasing. Microgrids are an important mechanism for improving grid resilience and reliability.

  • Local microgrids that incorporate local renewable resources are a pathway to expanding electricity access to previously unserved regions of developing nations.

  • Remote, place-based industries such as mines need the sort of reliable power solutions that can best be provided by on-site microgrid solutions.

  • The need for community resilience in the face of natural and human-caused disasters is increasing. Microgrids increase resilience of electric power services in vulnerable areas.

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