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Tried-and-true solutions, forward-thinking implementation
We want the projects of the future to benefit from the lessons learned of the projects that have already happened. Why recreate the wheel? AMG connects you with the tried-and-true solutions to Arctic or remote energy challenges.

AMG supports capacity-building in private companies, government organizations, and communities so right-sized energy solutions can be implemented.
Microgrid system design

Grid integration, modeling and analysis

Hardware prototyping and testing

Energy planning and roadmap development
at business, community and regional scale

Technical support for grant applicants

Project management services

Energy resource assessments and energy audits

Independent evaluation and review of
equipment selection and projects

Training and mentoring / capacity building

Carbon-reduction analysis and planning
Economic analyses to compare
alternatives and optimize performance

Fiscal, environmental and economic
policy conceptualization and analysis

Technical assistance with new product
development / evaluation

Utility management

Solar resource evaluation and
system deployment

Wind resource evaluation and development

Licensed electrical work

Professional engineering services

Submarine and underground cable design
for system hardening and resiliency

Power Systems Integration

The UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power’s Energy Technology Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska tests novel technologies and strategies to optimize performance of remote microgrids, in collaboration with Alaska, other U.S., and international customers.

Microgrid Operation

Alaskan researchers, project designers & developers, and utilities have experience in all aspects of operating microgrids reliably in remote areas with challenging logistical and climatic conditions. 

Design & Implement Efficient Diesel Powerhouses

Packaging small systems in container units, including full automation, remote monitoring capabilities and effective recovery of rejected heat for space heating, cooling/ice making, or supplemental power generation.

Energy Storage Utilization

Alaska has many operational grid-scale energy storage systems ranging from centralized, grid-scale battery systems to distributed electro-thermal storage systems and flywheels that right-size energy storage solutions to keep costs contained. 

Power Systems

Co-generation incorporating renewable resources with economic dispatch, power quality, reliability, and distribution of power to the customer, including regularly achieving 100%+ instantaneous penetration of variable renewable resources.

Niche Renewable Technologies 

Alaska is home to a wide range of innovative solar, wind and small hydro projects, some allowing diesel-off operation. In addition, many novel solutions have been tested and implemented in the state including the lowest-temperature commercial geothermal power plant operating in the world, and evaluation of multiple in-river hydrokinetic turbines.

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