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Technical Capabilities

We understand unique energy and community challenges across the globe.

Alaska’s microgrid experience and capabilities are broadly applicable. We work with you to design and implement right-sized solutions for small communities, large utilities, or companies seeking to develop projects or products.

Alaska Microgrid Group draws upon our network of individuals to [consult, innovate]

Strategic Services


Tried and true solutions, forward-thinking implementation

Power Systems

The UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power’s Energy Technology Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska tests novel technologies and strategies to optimize performance of remote microgrids, in collaboration with Alaska, other U.S., and international customers.

Microgrid Operation

Alaskan researchers, project designers & developers, and utilities have experience in all aspects of operating microgrids reliably in remote areas with challenging logistical and climatic conditions. 

Design and Implement Efficient Diesel Powerhouses

Packaging small systems in container units, including full automation, remote monitoring capabilities and effective recovery of rejected heat for space heating, cooling/ice making, or supplemental power generation.

Energy Storage Utilization

Alaska has many operational grid-scale energy storage systems ranging from centralized, grid-scale battery systems to distributed electro-thermal storage systems and flywheels that right-size energy storage solutions to keep costs contained. 

Power Systems

Co-generation incorporating renewable resources with economic dispatch, power quality, reliability, and distribution of power to the customer, including regularly achieving 100%+ instantaneous penetration of variable renewable resources.

Niche Renewable Technologies 

Alaska is home to a wide range of innovative solar, wind and small hydro projects, some allowing diesel-off operation. In addition, many novel solutions have been tested and implemented in the state including the lowest-temperature commercial geothermal power plant operating in the world, and evaluation of multiple in-river hydrokinetic turbines.

Microgrid Services
Community Technical Assistance


Offering on-the-ground experience, from trusted Alaskans serving Alaskans.

Selawik, Robert and Rich making final preps to lift, Vaught photo.jpg

AMG includes trusted experts who have been working on the ground in Alaska communities for decades. We know what it takes and [utilize, connect you with] [partnerships across Alaska]

Alaska communities are unique -- finding solutions to your energy needs is too. We believe 'Alaskans helping Alaskans' provides the best line of first defense to your energy challenges.


But where to start? With many in-state and out-of-state organizations addressing energy needs in Alaska, AMG is a nonprofit team of local utility experts/researchers/engineers connecting communities with the best-suited technical assistance resources and solutions around the state. 

AMG serves as a one-stop-shop -- ask us questions -- we have a broad understanding of the Alaska ecosystem and can get you going in the right direction. Our goal is to utilize local know-how to support communities in Alaska and beyond.  

Community Technical Assistance

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Community Technical Assistance

Energy Innovations

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Innovating energy technology for broader industry

A subsidiary to AMG, Dynamic Microgrid Solutions ...


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